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Curium Solutions – Simplified Change Management, Birmingham, West Midlands

Hamish Jefford

Digital Lead

What you do at Curium?

After joining Curium full-time in 2015, I’m now part of its Digital team, helping to manage the development and services of our online Academy, our website and any other development projects we have in the pipeline.

I also help the team with just about anything remotely relating to computers and technology. I don’t want to use the term tech support but it’s not far off.

What you enjoy about working at Curium?

The culture of the team is amazing: we’re all constantly looking for ways to improve and help each other out. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to find myself in a team where there is such a positive atmosphere about our own learning and development.

As we’re also growing it’s a really exciting time to be on-board. There are some amazing opportunities presenting themselves and as we grow in numbers it will be great to see what lies ahead for us.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

After being a very sedentary person for most of my life – over the last year I’ve started to go to the gym and really keep an eye on my fitness. It’s been a massive learning curve for me as before that I wasn’t a very exercise-prone person!

There are so many angles to keep tabs on from nutrition, techniques, routines etc. I love seeing how I can push myself, where my limits are and seeing how to go even further.

What has made you proud in the last year?

Seeing how far our Academy has come last year has given me immense joy. The feedback we have had from our customers and colleagues has been amazing and I’m sure we will continue to see the same this year.

2016 was the first year I decided to set some goals after a really inspirational Curium Team Day. I’ve never had myself down as a long-term goal-setter, but I’ve achieved everything I set out to do so far this year and the impact it’s had for me is phenomenal.

This year will now be building on the achievements of the last!