Celebrating LoveBrum’s self-improvement month

Curium | 18 Jan 2018 | News | General News

Celebrating LoveBrum’s self-improvement month

This blog is in honour of our charity partner LoveBrum and its focus this month on self-improvement.

As you’d expect from an organisation with empowering potential as its mission, we are big fans of continuous improvement. For us, personal and professional development go hand in hand with performance, both individual and at a business level.

To celebrate LoveBrum’s self-improvement month, we thought we’d look at our blog back catalogue, and share some thoughts and insights from the Curium team. Here is our top five (in chronological order):

Development opportunity, or more responsibility without recognition?

Have you ever been asked to cover a colleague’s role or taken on a secondment as a “development opportunity”? Do you know how you performed? Did it help you to develop? Principal consultant Mark Turner shares his tips for making sure a development opportunity doesn’t become a missed opportunity.

“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

Henry Ford was spot on in this oft-quoted phrase, which sums up how much power our mind has over our behaviour. If we think we can do something and we act like we can do it, then the result has a better chance of following. Principal Consultant Stuart Bailey explains why getting your mindset right is the key to taking action.

How TetraMap gave me a good dose of self-awareness

Having completed a TetraMap facilitation certification course, Nuala Ryan explains how learning about TetraMap’s four natural elements – earth, air, water and fire – helped her to better understand herself and her colleagues.

As she says, “TetraMap gives you a huge dose of self-awareness, but also insight into what those with different preferences intend by their actions.”

Being resilient in uncertain times

Prompted by last year’s horrific terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, Senior Consultant Lisa Twemlow wrote about being resilient in a vulnerable world. We all feel fearful or under pressure at times. Some simple strategies: understand what’s in your control; plan ahead; connect; and appreciate the now, can help.

Is that you in the high-vis jacket?

Leadership moments will always find you more than you find them, often when you are least expecting it and least prepared. When they find you, though, whether you like the responsibility or not, people will look to you and expect you to lead. Founding Director James Farrow explains how the best leaders embrace the high-vis jacket. They decide beforehand who they want to be. And then act.

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