Nothing changes, if nothing changes

Curium | 29 Jan 2016 | News | General


When I came across the quote “Nothing changes if nothing changes” I instantly resonated with it…

How many times have I heard somebody say “It’s not getting better” or “I’m not improving” or “I won’t hit my target again this month”…too many to count would be the answer!

Six months ago my daughter was at a gymnastic class and her progress had slowed down over the last couple of months. I suddenly realised we had not done anything to try and help her… so we took a different course of action!

  1. We changed gymnastic clubs (so new coach too)
  2. Started doing research and letting her watch online gymnastics clips for hints and tips
  3. Let her practice more at home – which usually involves flipping around the house and across all the furniture
  4. Changed her gymnastic outfit


And within four months she is now flying – literally. She has achieved multiple grading awards and is also competing and winning medals!

The quantum jump in her performance came from her dedication and ambition to improve, along with the fact that she executed a different set of actions.

Einstein coined it perfectly with his definition of insanity:

“ Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results”

How many of us get caught in this trap… repeating the same actions that are hindering our progress over and over, but hoping we will eventually get a different outcome?

Some of us do this unconsciously without realising, whilst others are maybe reluctant to embrace change and step out of their comfort zone. As leaders are you letting people in your team continue in this cycle?

Ultimately, nothing changes if nothing changes

So here are a few thought provokers to reflect on:

Increase your odds of success

  • No matter what you’re trying to achieve – you have odds
  • I believe in creating actions I need to take to consistently improve my odds of success. Do your actions match your ambition? If not then change them today, put the odds in your favour
  • Assess what your chances of success are – you may need to revisit your actions and pivot where necessary if you are not on track for delivery…and maybe change your mind-set too!


Make the change

  • Take the decision to change your action – don’t put it off
  • Be clear when setting goals and create realistic actions – The 1,3,5,7 method is a great way to help you with this (feel free to direct message me for more insight on this goal setting approach)
  • Make it public – you will be amazed how many people offer to help you through a period of change or to achieve your goals once they know about it – this can then bring about accelerated goal achievement!


Remove the barriers

  • Edison once stated “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work… but I have learnt and know I am getting closer”
  • Therefore, don’t let the fear of failure, limiting beliefs or any other excuses stop you… “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right…”


So go out there, hustle, push the limits and own that change – make it happen and take a different course of action today!

I’m off to practice what I preach and see if I can sharpen up my golf game in the readiness for the season ahead, so until next time…

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