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“I’m not a fan of consultancies for a number of reasons, however, I love working with Curium. They seem to genuinely care not only about the programme but about us as individuals and our own development journey.”


“The work Curium led was, for me, our single most impactful change intervention of the last 18 months. Given the relatively small cost of this consultancy, they have delivered enormous value. Thank you for leaving a legacy of a better performing business and more capable and equipped managers.”


“I now feel I can really engage my team and our customers and bring them on our journey to add value to their experience. This has made a big difference in my ability to influence others and to improve the way I engage at team meetings and presentations. This has given me bundles of confidence to stand up and have more impact.”


“I rarely engage with external consultants because, in my experience, they only come in and tell me what we already know. Curium is different. They reaffirm what you know but add considerable value, energy and drive to help deliver a solution and the desired outcome.”

DAC Beachcroft

“Ten weeks on from Curium’s engagement, I’m still wondering how the changes they made went in so fast. Within a week the team was re-organised and running a core framework, which was exactly what was needed. I’m also so impressed by the extent of the engagement, passion and drive that Curium created in a relatively short period. I pride myself on setting a high bar and always challenging for more but on this one, both Curium, and as a result, my team, are running way ahead.”


“Curium led a lively, engaging and easy to follow morning session for my team focusing on the powerful beliefs that the team own its fate and recognising, encouraging, and celebrating the diversity in the team. My team now have a revived passion for the business, the desire to win, and the tools to allow them to achieve that.”


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