Curium Solutions – Simplified Change Management, Birmingham, West Midlands

Becky Farrow

Head of HR

What you do at Curium?

I support the business and its team with all HR matters. Since having our children (I’m married to Adam, one of Curium’s Founding Directors) this support has been centred around HR projects behind the scenes with support given to general HR activities as needed.

What you enjoy about working at Curium?

Having worked in the ‘family’ business since its creation back in 2008, Curium holds a special place in my heart. Having watched the business grow from two to 10 to 20 and so on, I am genuinely proud of how we’ve developed together. This is fundamentally down to the team and our values. The can-do attitude and passion that is evident amongst this team makes it an absolute pleasure to work amongst.

What are you passionate about outside work?

Outside of work I am passionate about our family and swimming. Our beautiful children (William aged 6 and Olivia aged 3) are a round- the-clock source of fun, cuddles and of course constant demands but I absolutely love being a mum and am everyday blessed to have this role.

Since the children have started nursery and school, I have also challenged myself to get back into swimming. This was a childhood passion of mine and is generally the only source of exercise I can honestly say I enjoy. Last year I swam across Lake Annecy and I am now back in training for hopefully another challenge in a warm climate!

What has made you most proud in the last year?

Starting to rediscover and balance aspects of my life that have been on hold since having our children. I am now actively supporting Curium again in a more hands-on capacity while also finding time for myself, something that had often seemed out-of-reach when the children were both very small.