Curium Solutions – Simplified Change Management, Birmingham, West Midlands

Chris Watts

Principal Consultant

What do you do at Curium?

I am a Principal Consultant at Curium, working as part of the Change Delivery team. I will be working with clients to help deliver operational change.

What is your change background?

I have an operational background and have worked across the utilities, engineering and technology sectors. I specialise in running change projects and programmes to deliver technology-enabled digital transformation.

My last role was at Severn Trent. Prior to this, I worked at Siemens as a Transformation Programme Manager designing, setting up and delivering a global process improvement programme to improve the speed of availability of service parts. At Anglian Water, I was a Change Programme Manager. I led the change team, designing and developing enhanced business processes, and providing the interface between the business and the development teams to replace Europe’s single largest telemetry system.

What are your career highlights?

At Severn Trent I led the implementation of an SAP warehouse management project, which underpinned its operational transformation programme. It helped Severn Trent win a Supply Chain Excellence Award 2017.

At Anglian Water I led the five-year £20m change programme to replace the single biggest telemetry system in Europe, delivering new business process, significant operational efficiencies and benefits of £2m per annum.

Why did you join Curium?

For me, it was about being part of a team that feels passionate about what it does, experienced in how it does that, and has a real desire to make a difference. That’s Curium.

How do you spend your time out of work?

Outside of work, I have two beautiful daughters, aged 6 and 9, who live life to the full and love to keep me busy! When I get a moment to myself, I enjoy just about any sport I can take part in, especially cricket, football, rugby and golf. Although, having recently injured my knee, I have been spending all my time in the gym, focusing on getting back to being able to play.