Curium Solutions – Simplified Change Management, Birmingham, West Midlands

Nicola Phelan

Senior Consultant

What you do at Curium?

I am a business change and communication specialist working with customers to deliver high-quality, sustainable change projects to enable positive business and people transformation.

How can you make sure change sticks?

Change can feel scary and different, but it is also an opportunity for people and organisations to enhance their performance. When people buy-in to that it’s magic. I love gathering information and using it to solve problems, and I love the psychology of change. I like to help people to unlock what’s already in them to help them to have an improved life.


I really believe that if you are authentic and true to yourself and what you believe in, you can’t help but to take people along a change journey.

Why Curium?

I like the idea of a family feel and belonging to something with a joint purpose to help other people to transform.Curium seems like an authentic organisation whose values are very similar to my own.

I am a bit of a believer in serendipity and there were too many things that kept bringing me back to Curium. I felt compelled to join!

What are your career highlights?

I always find it hard to pick favourites and highlights! I have had the great opportunity of working in lots of different organisations, with lots of different people who, in one way or another, I’ve helped to enhance their own performance and that of their organisations. These are the greatest highlights for me. Helping people to find their own way, is the ultimate goal. Supporting them and seeing positive change happen is incredible.


I like to work on anything that helps to positively change a culture and I am fortunate to have been a part of that in high performing, complex organisations such as Deutsche Bank, the NHS, Capita, local government and several consultancies.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I like to follow Formula 1 racing cars around the world! I have been to races in Australia, Belgium and Singapore. Watching the F1 in Singapore is my favourite experience. The night-time race is exhilarating and the whole city welcomes the race, making for a fun weekend. As the race and drivers stay on European time I have found myself having breakfast across from the likes of Nico Rosberg and Valtteri Bottas, and drinking in a bar with Sebastian Vettel (my favourite!) and Fernando Alonso!

I read everything and anything, and usually all at the same time! Typically, I have about three books on the go. I am really interested learning about how the brain works, the psychology of change, human behaviour and the effects of brain injury and what possibilities and abilities there are for the brain to adapt.