Curium Solutions – Simplified Change Management, Birmingham, West Midlands

Phil McGrahan

Senior Consultant

What you do at Curium?

I work in the Change Delivery side of the business, supporting clients in the design and delivery of change projects. I’m currently working with a construction company on a transformation programme focussing specifically on system development, process design and people change. My background spans the delivery of transformation programmes and capital project/programme management in the public sector as well as capital schemes in the construction industry.

What you enjoy about working at Curium?

As well as the variety of work, one of the key attractions to Curium was becoming part of a strong values-based team. This has been really apparent since day 1 – the teamship and support across the entire team is fantastic – constantly focussing on how we can develop individually and as a team. I love that everyone is happy to share their skills and experience to help each other achieve better outcomes for clients.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work my passions are very much focussed on my two loves – family and endurance running. Having two energetic young children means that I don’t have too much time for anything else, but my understanding wife allows me to use the little time I do have to hit the roads, trails and towpaths to put the miles in. I’ve managed a couple of races so far this year – one marathon and a half marathon, and I hope to run a couple more before 2020 comes along.

What has made you proud in the past year?

On a personal level, seeing my son Joe start reception only two weeks after turning 4 and holding his own with classmates nearly a year older than him, has been fantastic. Professionally I was incredibly proud to help design and deliver a transformation programme which safeguarded a company’s future through a complete redesign of processes, systems and the organisational structure.