The Growing up whilst keeping grounded challenge

Curium | 11 Mar 2015 | News | General

It’s exciting times at Curium, we are going through a growth spurt and with lots coming up we need new people to join our team. We take recruitment very seriously, and it’s a whole company affair. Every team member gets the opportunity to be involved and each of us play our part in deciding what our future team will look like.


This opportunity has been a great time for us all to reflect on the type of company we are, the way we do what we do, where we are heading and most importantly of all the people we want to be part of delivering this future with us.


I really enjoy this opportunity to meet and see new people and for me it has been a very reaffirming experience. I have been reminded of why I want to be part of this team… when asked by candidates, why Curium? For me it is the culture and the people who bring this to life and keep it going as the business grows.  The business was founded on four great values which happen to align really well with personal values, and our secret is that we aspire to live them day by day, not just talk about them.


The people I work with are great people, they are straight forward and honest, positive, always willing to share the load, and have a genuine intent to support each other. Testament to this is on a social occasion at work I can genuinely say we go out as friends as well as colleagues. I believe this is what makes us stand out and it can’t help but show itself in our work with clients.


So the challenge for us now is to maintain this culture while we grow in numbers, not an easy feat, and one many have failed at. We know we have to work at it, so we are committed to be disciplined in our cultural habits such as team time and support networks going forward but that alone won’t be enough. We have to be passionate and meticulous with our recruitment, so that we bring on board people with similar mind-sets, behaviours and attitudes to allow our culture to sustain along the bright future we have ahead of us.

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