First global Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence

usa_admin | 14 Apr 2022 | News
World’s first Center of Excellence in work time reduction launches, backed by Curium Solutions to support the global move to shorter working weeks.

The new initiative, co-designed by work time reduction evangelist and former 4 Day Week Global CEO Joe O’Connor in partnership with leading people-first transformation company Curium Solutions.


Bringing together Joe’s experience in partnering with organizations all over the world to design, coordinate and implement shorter work week trials, alongside Curium’s expertise in operational excellence and change management, the new Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence seeks to support and scale the widespread worldwide adoption of reduced hour schedules.


Hundreds of companies worldwide have adopted four-day weeks (or equivalent shorter work weeks), the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence, which is supported by world-class researchers, change management experts, operational excellence specialists, future of work thought leaders, and four-day week pioneers, designs bespoke trials, programs and projects focused on the individual needs of companies.


In addition to partnering with leaders and companies to design and customize a work time reduction roadmap that best suits their business, employee and customer needs, the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence will support ongoing research on the impact and feasibility of reduced work time models.


The Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence will be an umbrella organization for three discrete areas of focus:


TRANSFORMATION – Providing expert advice for leaders and companies who want to help their organizations and people to work shorter and smarter


TECHNOLOGY – Developing high-tech digital tools, products and software to help organizations and individuals who want to work more efficiently in order to reduce their hours to make change and measure change


TESTING – Investing in world-class future of work research and experimentation, with an emphasis on the impact and feasibility of work time reduction


Businesses can avail of a free shorter work week assessment and consultation that enables them to gauge how prepared their company is for a reduced working time project. The WTR-CoE is also offering detailed business diagnostic services, and support for leaders in establishing and preparing a business case for a shorter working week.

Joe O’Connor, Director of the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence said:

“This partnership is one of shared values to put people first, a shared vision to change the world of work, and a shared ambition to make reduced working time the new normal.

I believe that together we can take the shorter working week movement to the next level, and deliver smarter working, greater work-life balance, more efficient businesses, and improved performance, and ultimately a better quality of life for all. I’m excited to get started working with today’s changemakers and tomorrow’s pioneers to make this a reality.”


Daniel Entwistle, Director of Curium Solutions US said: “We’ve watched the momentum behind the move to shorter working weeks pick up pace throughout 2022, and the results that companies have been achieving are impressive.


We’ve got to know Joe and the team throughout the year. Our capabilities and values are perfectly matched. We are excited to be helping customers deliver a shorter working week solution that appeals to employers, employees and customers alike. Let’s change the way people work, and put people first in 2023.”

Business leaders and managers can now take the shorter working week self-assessment.
Furthermore, they can register for a free consultation meeting with a work time reduction expert.

For press and media enquiries please contact Grace Tallon, Head of Operations at the Work Time Reduction Center of Excellence, on +1 718-775-5449 or

For more information visit  /

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