Walk the talk – A lesson in Customer Experience Visioning

Curium | 22 Aug 2014 | News | General

We’ve had our Curium Offices for over a year now and although impressive, is rather neutral and lacking in Curium personality and soul. We have had a great year, very busy and although we acknowledged early days that our environment is so important to the day to day experience we are creating, this slipped down on the priority list.


So we set ourselves a mission to bring our Brand to life through our offices. I jumped at the opportunity of putting my Customer Experience hat on and taking on this challenge.


We had tried to come up with ideas over the last 12 months and to be fair had come up with a good few, but on reflection each of these were dismissed as not quite hitting the mark… So we needed to do something to get this nailed. For me the answer was ‘walk the talk’ – to walk in the shoes of the people who come through our doors and re-connect with our offices through new fresh eyes…


Our first step was to detail who comes through our doors and for what purpose? We then established what key things we wanted our offices to portray to these different types of visitors?


Brilliant that was the visitors sorted!  So now to the office itself.  We have a very open plan design at the moment but in our head we want it to tell our story to anyone who walks through the door, so we set about zoning areas in the office and agreeing the purpose for each of these.


So now, fully armed we were ready for the fun bit! Walk the talk. We started our walk of the floor from outside the office and walked through each of our newly defined zones. We used the 5 senses to focus on describing what we wanted our different types of visitors to see, feel, smell, hear and taste whilst in each of the zones. This was a fantastic exercise and generated a lot of discussion and a new excitement about our environment.


Our final part was to make these descriptions into the changes we wanted to see. We came to this final session with a new fresh perspective and we easily generated loads of brilliant ideas! More importantly we had an office design that had a joined up real story to tell with loads of personality and soul!



Suffice to say, we now have a great plan in place and we have commenced our 2014 Branding of the offices. It is very exciting and we can’t wait to see the end result! It was a great opportunity to focus on and role model what we do as a business.


‘Walk the Talk’ really works and is a great tool for bringing any Customer Experience to life!


Please come and see us soon for the end result and tell us what you think!

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