Curium is made up of 2 core disciplines: Change Solutions and People Solutions.

In every project we run, we make sure we bring our expertise across both disciplines. By combining these two, we ensure that any intervention drives accelerated change in teams and individuals.

People First Change: the Curium approach

People First Change: the Curium approach
Leadership and Team Capability Alignment of People and Performance People First Change Delivery and Adoption of Complex Projects Organisational Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement

Leadership and Team Capability

Possible challenges:

The Curium Approach: Helping you understand the specific capabilities needed across teams and the overall organisation, aiding you identify the right areas to focus on. Supporting you instil consistent best practices in order to more easily develop the required capability and keep up with changing requirements as the business is growing. Guiding and coaching you towards generating and embedding a culture of feedback, seamless information sharing and continuous learning.

Alignment of People and Performance

Possible challenges:

The Curium Approach: Providing support in devising and implementing the right structures and routines in your organisation so that every person is aligned to and performs against what’s important to the business. While doing so, we ensure your people understand how they can contribute to the success of the organisation and that they feel empowered to do so.

People First Change

Why do People First Change? We believe this approach maximises the benefits of the initiative while also ensuring the change is sustained after implementation.

Delivery and Adoption of Complex Projects

Possible Challanges:

The Curium Approach: As your change partners, we support you in setting a clear vision and narrative within the team and wider organisation, choosing the right methodology and governance for your needs, and ensuring that benefits are delivered on time and tracked accordingly. Whilst doing that, we help unlock resistance, shift mindsets, embed new behaviours, routines, and habits, and remove any capability gaps apparent from the change.

Organisational Effectiveness and Continuous Improvement

Possible Challanges:

The Curium Approach: We start by providing an all-around assessment to validate the root cause of the pain you may be experiencing. We then confer clear recommendations to prevent or eliminate operational challenges and optimise the opportunities you want to embrace. Our recommendations balance internal workload and resources, ensuring long and short term planning is clear and relevant. Investing time with your people at every level, we use mentoring and coaching to empower teams to adopt constructive habits that allow them to adapt to any future changes.

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Change Solutions

Leading with a people-first approach, we help organisations navigate their change journey. We help to map the change for the transformation ahead whilst supporting the design, mobilisation, and where required, the delivery of the programme and/or projects.

Using tailored ways of working we foster the ownership required to ensure complete change adoption. We start by creating the necessary pull for the change, then building the capabilities required and laying the foundations to sustain the change once the intervention is complete.

People Solutions

Great people are critical to the success of any organization. Those that cultivate and retain high-performing leaders are more likely to achieve exceptional results.

We leverage research, analytics, and our own proprietary tools to unlock potential, accelerate capability, and guide leaders and teams on their journey from today’s challenges to tomorrow’s opportunities.

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