Curium Solutions – Simplified Change Management, Birmingham, West Midlands

Reducing costs and growing revenue for local government

The problem:

Our client, a local county council, was working with regional schools to convert them to Academies. However, the process was time and resource intensive, leading to increased costs across multiple functions in the business.

The goal:

To simplify the council’s process of converting a school to an Academy to reduce the time, resource and cost involved.

Curium’s solution:

Through consultation with multiple stakeholders and local government functions, we conducted a full review of their conversion process to highlight unnecessary wastes and costs. We then proposed a simpler, streamlined process.

Secondly, while out of the initial project scope, we helped the council find a new revenue stream as they were legally allowed to charge schools for supporting their conversion.

Finally, to help them implement this in a way that maintained positive working relationships with schools, we built a ‘how to guide’ along with the necessary cabinet papers for approval and rollout to teams involved in the project.

The result:

The result of our process review led to a 50% reduction in the time it took to convert a School to an Academy. This created an annual saving of c. £500,000.

Through identifying the charging policy, we provided the council with an additional revenue stream projected at £1.8m over a 5-year period which eased budget pressures.

What Local Government say:

“Working with Curium has been an entirely positive experience. My preconceptions of consultancy had made me doubtful that they could really deliver what was needed, when it was needed and with the
quality I expect from work that ultimately makes a difference to children, young people and communities."

“So, I was delighted that together we delivered a complex, challenging, and ground-breaking piece of work, and without fuss or bother. The quick rapport, shared respect and combined expertise was a truly powerful combination – and gave me renewed faith in the art of the possible. Thank you!”

Commissioner for Education & Wellbeing, local council