Curium Solutions – Empower Potential, Birmingham, West Midlands

Communications techniques we introduced at Prologis won them a multi-million-pound project

The problem:

Prologis, the global leader in the development of commercial property, wanted to communicate more effectively with its audiences, be it at industry conferences, when launching new buildings or when pitching for new business.

The goal:

To improve the communications skills of the senior leadership team by giving them the tools and techniques to make real and lasting impact in presentations and meetings and give them the best chance of winning new business.

Curium’s solution:

We helped Prologis understand the power of engaging an audience at an emotional, as well as rational, level through a number of our courses, including:

Impactful storytelling: how to engage audiences and compel them to take action through the medium of powerful stories. To support this, we helped the team develop a bank of stories to bring their customers’ experience alive when presenting to their audiences. This meant they could show the human interest angle of their work, instead of just the facts and figures they’d used previously.

Impactful communications: how to develop the confidence, presence, tools and techniques to present brilliantly.

Impactful Meetings: how to apply similar tools and techniques but in a meeting environment.

Alongside this we ran an executive coaching programme, aimed at developing leadership mindset and behaviours.

The result:

As a direct result of applying the communications techniques, Prologis won a multi-million-pound project. After the win, the team from Prologis discovered that prior to the pitch they were in third place out of three shortlisted businesses.

What ProLogis say:

“Curium’s work has had a positive impact on our ability to communicate effectively with both customers and stakeholders and has translated into a number of significant new business wins."
“We’ve used other Learning consultancies in the past, but none have had such tangible results on our business.”

Paul Weston, Senior Vice President, Prologis