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Leading a cultural revolution at Tesco’s

The problem:

Tesco’s general merchandise business wanted to become a multichannel retailer, from strategy, organisational structure through to KPIs and customer touch points. However, for this to happen it needed to instil ‘multichannel mentality’ across its teams which were siloed and behaved in silo mentality, only considering their own channel. In addition, there was poor communication and tension between the various teams within the Digital department itself.

The goal:

To shift the mindset of its digital team to that of a multichannel retailer, to improve communication between disparate ‘online’ and ‘instore’ teams and to improve leadership capability so that leaders could successfully drive the cultural revolution needed.

Curium’s solution:

We started by delivering Tetramap, a tool to develop self-awareness, team cohesion and leadership capability, to the 150 people in the Digital teams, both retail and marketplace.

This was supported by a series of high-impact workshops including ‘Intentions & Perceptions’ to consider how others interpret your actions, ‘Communication Skills’ and ‘Confidence Building’.

The result:

Our work led to a well-integrated, highly productive Digital team who were able to challenge each other in a constructive way and have more open conversations. Leaders successfully led their teams through the change process and ultimately achieved their goal of shifting mindsets to that of a multichannel retailer.

What Tesco say:

“Culture change across my team has been one of my toughest challenges. I lead a group of three very different business segments, administration, online trading, and strategic development. The mix of people across this group is diverse and historically they have been unable to positively engage, collaborate and drive out what is best for customers. The mindset has been cynical, very much centred around what the business can do to change rather than what individuals can do to change the business.

At this point I was introduced to Curium and TetraMap. Curium led a lively, engaging and easy to follow morning session for my team focusing on the powerful beliefs that the team own, its fate and recognising, encouraging, and celebrating the diversity in the team, noticing how a team made up from different perspectives provides the strongest and most sustainable way forward.

TetraMap is one of the most practical and useful profiling tools for teams that I have come across in my 20 years of business. The team now have a revived passion for the business, the desire to win, and the tools to allow them to achieve that.”

Donna Worsley, Director, Tesco