Curium Solutions (US) – Simplified Performance Solutions

About us and why we’re different

With offices in the US and the UK we have the ability to blend and deliver performance solutions, that capitalize on our international insights. Our focus on delivering change, motivating people and evolving your performance really creates value that sticks

There are five reasons why we’re different:

People are at the centre of everything we do


We’ve simplified performance.

We’ve done this by taking best-practice industry processes, tools, models and frameworks and boiling them down into their most simple form.

We live and breathe our core values:

  • Teamship is everything
  • Inspire others to come with you
  • Be commercially aware
  • Evolve your personal best



10 weeks on from Curium’s engagement, I’m still wondering how the changes they made went in so fast. Within a week the team was re-organised and running a core framework, which was exactly what was needed.



We work with individuals and teams not organizations – this is our mindset. That way we make what seems like challenging company-wide change important and relevant to individuals.

Culture change across my team has been one of my toughest challenges. Thanks to Curium the team now has a revived passion for the business, the desire to win, and the tools to allow them to achieve that.


We empower individuals to make change sustainable long after we’ve left. We want to leave having made them change experts so our clients don’t have to keep calling us back in.



Our employees have all experienced the emotional journeys of our customers and have developed skills and knowledge client-side.

To empower people and organizations across the world to achieve their personal and business potential