"In just a week we saw major improvements in our service levels and, in three months, we were performing 100% better than before."


Will works as part of a busy IT support team in a large law firm. With a number of big projects impacting colleagues across the business, they faced hundreds of calls per day plus emails and enquiries through other channels.

Will felt under pressure. He and his team were struggling to keep up with the high volume of work and, every day, their backlog was growing. Not only that but, having been in the same role for six years without much progress, he had been considering career opportunities elsewhere.

His bosses implemented various strategies to support his team, including using additional resources and revising priorities, but with limited success. They needed a longer-term, more sustainable solution, so called on Curium to help.

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Working hand-in-hand

Curium worked hand-in-hand with Will and the team to introduce effective and engaging disciplines and principles. After just a week Will saw big improvements in the service delivery of his team and found he had gained control of his own workload. He could now prioritise the most important tasks and understood what was driving the high call demand, helping to develop a simple process to deal with enquiries.

Feeling energised and enjoying his job like never before, Will took on more responsibility. He started to take ownership of allocating work among his team and led daily meetings to review performance and agree on what they could all do better. He took on the role of delivering better, faster reporting and, supported by real-time-coaching from Curium, he empowered the team around him, coaching and mentoring them to make improvements as he had done.

Soon, he was part of a happy team who now found they were doing a good job supporting the IT issues of 2,500 colleagues across the organisation. His hard work didn’t go unnoticed. In just 12 weeks he was promoted to team manager, a job he’d always wanted.

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“I can’t sing Curium’s praises enough. In just a week we saw major improvements in our service levels and, in three months, we were performing 100% better than before. Not only that, but they helped show me how to lead a team and get the best out of everyone, and I’ve been given a promotion as a result.”

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