“It was a revelation. Curium’s partnership is a stable environment with known demand and supply and a clear way of working.”

The Challenge: Huge Increase in Customer Demand

Canada Life International Ltd is a leading offshore investment provider, offering various solutions, designed to grow savings and investments.

With the growing popularity for offshore investments their customer base grew rapidly, resulting in very high workloads due to increased customer demand and in addition, work from another office was outsourced to the Isle of Man at the same time.

The Goal: Maintain Delivery of Service

To quickly gain control of the workload, establish clear visibility of the real work position and understand the skills and resource needed to meet customer demand.

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The Result: Sustainable Operational Framework Enabled

Our focus on the people in the organisation ensured their change experience was simple and rewarding as silo’s were broken down and strong relationships were developed based on openness and trust. The teams were part of the solution and didn’t feel ‘done to’.

The Customer Journey Team now have a data-driven and targeted approach, which has improved their ability to most effectively organise their resources to meet customer demand. They were able to:

  • Gain control of their backlogs with all teams realising a significant reduction in the volume of work falling outside of their SLAs.
  • Identify skill gaps and focus training to eradicate single person dependencies.
  • Use the data capture and forecasting tools to accurately calculate resource requirements and recruit additional team members.
  • Having additional skilled team members and the right measures in place, the inbound call team increased their Service Level by 20%.

No one could have foreseen the challenges that lay ahead with Covid-19 but with the tools and disciplines in place they were able to quickly transition to remote working without impacting on the level of service provided to their customers.

By investing in its people, Canada Life ensured they had the skills and knowledge to consistently deliver operational best practice and improve team performance.

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Curium’s Solution:

With our primary focus on people, we kicked off with a Re-Set day, delivering mindset and behaviour training across the whole of the Customer Journey Team. The leadership team were also taken through the TetraMap model to help them learn more about themselves and their colleagues and enable better communication and collaboration.

Using our core values of people first, keeping it simple and making it real, we delivered solutions to re-educate managers on understanding their own and their team’s performance, re-establish control of incoming workloads and develop daily disciplines.

As part of our focus on simplicity, we created a clear distinction between the responsibilities of the front and back offices. Technical Skills workshops were designed and delivered to explain the critical dynamics and metrics in each environment. We followed these up with engaging 121 coaching sessions to help managers confidently embrace and practice new disciplines and use new clear metrics to track real performance outputs. Managers were then able to accurately assess yesterday’s results and easily commit to clear actions to continually improve todays performance.

To further strengthen leadership capability, Training Modules were designed and delivered, covering Resilience, Managing Difficult conversations, Building Trust and Understanding Dysfunctional teams.

“Highly professional but also very approachable and even more importantly non-judgemental. Curium created a safe space for open conversations and never made anyone feel uncomfortable about their competence or the position the business found itself in.”

Canada Life

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