Lockdown 2: Can you see light at the end of the tunnel?

Greg Sofroni | 11 Nov 2020 | Events
Event Details
Online via Zoom
Free for Chamber Members. £10 for non-members.
2020-11-11 - 23/11/2020
60 minutes

During this online webinar, the Curium team will address the challenges and impacts being faced by this management population in particular and we’ll provide practical ways to support them.

This webinar will explore:

  • The emotional and psychological challenges being faced, tapping into research to provide useful insight
  • The challenge of managing people and task in remote or hybrid working patterns, sharing case studies to draw out practical ways to help
  • Leadership capabilities that will help team managers align, engage and motivate their teams to ensure continued performance during these challenging times

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As we settle into yet another lockdown in the UK, it feels hard to imagine what normal life felt like before 23rd March 2020. With the vast majority of us being told to work from home if we can, our homes are now our workplace too. Managers and team leaders are at the heart of this challenge and may be feeling more of the impact than most. They are challenged with managing their teams remotely, are uncertain how to keep their people motivated and productive, all whilst trying to balance conflicting pressures from the business, their people and customers.

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