"I feel so confident in what I'm doing now and would love to do more of this type of change again."


Nicole Mannʼs journey at Waterlogic has spanned a decade from Telesales, through to Field Sales, before achieving promotion to her dream job as Corporate Account Manager.

In 2018, Nicole was asked to join Waterlogicʼs Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) project to support the CRM workstream within the Cariad subsidiary of the business. Following further success, she had the opportunity to become Business Implementation Manager for the IFS delivery into the largest business in the entire group, Waterlogic UK.

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One of the key roles in this position is People Readiness Lead. This involves ultimate responsibility for all communications, engagement, and training across the whole business. Understandably, Nicole expressed concerns of Imposter Syndrome when approaching the task:

“I definitely lacked confidence and tended to avoid uncomfortable conversations. I didnʼt feel I knew what I was talking about.”

Three is The Magic Number

Nicole needed a strategy to strengthen her efforts and allay the fears and doubts that she had about her new role. So, she established a three-point plan that would help her do exactly that.

  • Focus on a People First philosophy. Develop capability, donʼt just deliver the task.
  • Think 3 and 4 steps ahead within day-to-day leadership and coaching.
  • Create clear and actionable frameworks, processes, and guidance
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“These frameworks helped me map out the end-to-end process. I wanted to take people from thinking about how any change impacted them through to I know what Iʼm doing, letʼs go!”

It also quickly became clear that this simple yet transformative plan added value for all stakeholders.

“Our Executives, Senior Managers and more importantly our end users knew where they were on their journey and what was expected from them each step of the way.”

People Have the Power

This new structure of a clear roadmap and detailed communication was proving to be a great foundation. However, Nicole was increasingly aware of what she calls the ʻspecial sauceʼ for success – understanding that people make it work.

In every session she began to ask herself ʻWhatʼs the outcome we are trying to achieve?ʼ and ʻWhat are we wanting people to know, feel, say and do?ʼ

This ensured that what could easily have been an IT led project instead became a true business transformation program, driven by people, with an IT system as one element of it.

Supporting Confident Change



Leading effective change across a business requires strong support. The Curium team made sure they were a continuous and active presence on both the client side and behind the scenes for Nicole.


Nicole would never be alone in her actions and decision-making as Curium was always an essential resource for her to draw from.


“Curium offered guidance and support whilst really pushing you to try things out. All of which really gave me confidence on how to approach these situations and encourage people towards the right outcome.”

A Recipe for the Right Result

Curium knows that real support means being there for the highs and lows of a project without ever letting people coast or avoid challenges. Our model instils the confidence to operate outside of your comfort zone at every level of business.

The behavioural tools we employ are designed to change your whole way of thinking about impact and influence. This definitely appeared to resonate with Nicole:

“During the 2 months before go-live and 2 months after, I really came into my own. I feel so confident in what Iʼm doing now and would love to do more of this type of change again.”

The incredible results Nicole has seen have made Imposter Syndrome a thing of the past as she continues to progress.

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