"I’ve been motivated by Curium every step of the way to achieve things I didn’t think were possible."


Rachel works for a company called Waterlogic, which supplies hot and cold water dispensers to workplaces, and has a masterplan to be the best global provider of drinking water. The company has grown at a rate of knots, and now delivers products and services in 18 countries around the globe.

In her 17 years with the company, Rachel has seen it grow from a small business to the industry leader. With such fast growth, technology and processes had not kept up so it wanted to change to ensure it could grow in a sustainable way.

What it needed was a new system to automate many of its processes. No longer would work be tracked in Excel spreadsheets; no longer would teams have multiple ways of working. This new system would catapult the company into the 21st century by tracking its orders, deliveries and customer information in a central location, and getting everyone in the company working in the same way.

Rachel was excited but also had concerns about what the future would hold: every part of the business she knew was about to be turned upside down. Not only that, but, for the first time, her friendly, tight-knit company had decided to bring in external consultants from Curium to help.

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Seeing the results

Her fear soon turned to enthusiasm. She could see that the team at Curium was taking the time to understand the business and to get to know her and her colleagues – their strengths and weaknesses, their concerns and ambitions.

In no time people from all parts of the business were pulling together to transform the company at a speed Rachel hadn’t thought possible. Not only that, but she herself had played an important part in it all!

She’d expected Curium to give her orders and tell her to meet deadlines, but instead, they taught her new skills and instilled in her the confidence to lead and deliver change herself. They also set about making the business a lot simpler and set up new teams, including one to manage customer satisfaction. Rachel thought an external person may be hired for this role, but Curium had other ideas. Knowing Rachel as they did, they saw that she was the perfect candidate.

With new skills at her disposal, a new-found confidence, and a different perspective on how to lead, she now saw what she could achieve.

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Exciting Opportunities

Soon Rachel will be getting stuck into one of the most exciting opportunities of her career leading a team of people that will be critical to the business’ reputation with its customers. Not only that, but with Curium beside her, she’s pushed herself further still and has achieved a prestigious accreditation from the Institute of Customer Services, a first for the company and for the water-cooler industry as a whole.

Rachel said: “From the word go it was clear that Curium weren’t typical consultants but a team of people who take the time to listen, share advice and work hard to get the best out of everyone. I’ve been motivated by them every step of the way to achieve things I didn’t think were possible, and, after nearly 20 years at the business, I’m really excited by the new challenges they’ve shown me I can take on.

“As a company, there’s no way we could have achieved the things we’ve done without them – they turned an IT project where people were fearful of change to a business transformation programme where we feel empowered, in control, and confident in change.”


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