We are a transformation company, helping organisations of all sizes realise more of their potential by implementing interventions that change them for the better. And stick.

People First
Keep it Simple
Make it Real

We run any nature of projects and programmes but, honestly, we shine brighter where there is a real people challenge wrapped up in the transformation. Where you need to unlock resistance, shift mindsets, embed new behaviours, routines and habits.

We call it People First, though you could also call it common sense.

And on top we share all our IP, tools, techniques and know how, which you get to keep. How else can we help you be self-sustaining as quickly as possible?

Getting you fully capable to achieve your own success story is what Empower Potential is all about, not just a phrase, more a ‘Just Cause’ that keeps us going. Weird as it sounds, we actually plan our exit right from the start.

The Curium 'Just Cause'.

Above all else, we stand for something bigger than any individual. We work for a Just Cause that inspires us to truly put people first. We believe that people deserve the chance to be their best selves.

Our Just Cause is to empower people and organisations across the world to achieve their personal and business potential.

‘Empower Potential’ for short!

Our twenty-year goal is to empower the potential of 250 million people. When we get there we’ll feel we’ve done our bit to support humans find greater happiness and fulfilment.

Our Management Team

James Farrow
Director & Co-founder

I’m responsible for the solutions that are delivered across all areas of Change Solutions, People Solutions and Digital Solutions. I also play a key role in developing new and existing digital products and services for our clients. Having over 20 years of experience in shaping and delivering critical business, cultural and leadership change within global organisations across the UK, Europe and USA, I’m truly passionate about the power of unlocking potential to empower individual and team performance.

Adam Farrow
Director & Co-founder

My background is primarily in large-scale programme delivery, particularly digital programmes, across multiple sectors including; Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality and Computer Entertainment industries. In addition to looking after some of our key clients within Curium, I’m responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business. My passion is client delivery (alongside golf and cycling!).

Andy Dawson
Director & Co-founder

I work closely with our customers, as well as spending my time getting Curium known in the business community, in the region and nationally. I also sit on the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Council and I’m a mentor for the ex-forces charity Heropreneurs. Prior to setting up Curium I spent many years working in the insurance sector.

Anne Clews
Head of People Solutions

I lead our People Solutions division – one of Curium’s two core practices, along with Change Delivery. Combining performance learning with change delivery ensures that any intervention accelerates capability and then integrates practical mechanisms to ensure the impact is embedded and sustained.

We help empower people to develop their leadership skills, improve team performance, support culture change and provide one-to-one coaching.

Emma Taylor
Chief People Officer

My role as CPO gives me the opportunity to look after our team. This means I focus on our team culture and how that can best serve us and the way we deliver for our customers. As a team we are keen to ensure we are creating a working environment where we can all choose to be motivated, contributing, producing great results, always learning and above all else, love what we do.

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James Farrow
Director & Co-founder
Andy Dawson
Director & Co-founder
Adam Farrow
Director & Co-founder