10 reasons to adapt change in this ever evolving environment

Jodie | 27 Jan 2023 | News | Lead Change

Meet Customer Needs

Customer needs are constantly changing and meeting those needs while adapting changes is one of the keys to success.

Adidas for example, the largest manufacturer of sportswear in Europe, second largest in the world, Adidas has its own unique identity. Understanding the needs, changing accordingly and delivering quality, this is what Adidas does the best. Have you ever noticed the continuous changes Adidas has made in its product line?

Because of the economy

Ups and downs are common in economic conditions, and businesses must adapt to change accordingly. Whether the economic conditions get better or poor, it affects the business of all types. Better economic conditions increase the demand or products and services.

To capitalise on opportunities

Missing an opportunity is a nightmare. Joe Green was the college roommate of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard when he got proposal from Zuckerberg to help him start Facebook.

Green then got a red flag from his dad to start the project with Zuckerberg, and Green got discouraged. If Green would have taken this opportunity, he could have 5% stake valuing somewhere around $7 Billion!

“Opportunities are Never Missed; They are Taken by Your Competitors”

Increase the pace

Businesses cannot work in a laid-back environment, the pace is crucial. Pick up the pace and understand how important it is to work effectively in such a fast-paced world. Creating a work environment is all up to business owners and managers; they can create a fun-filled work environment. You can find more ways to increase collaboration and gain control over the business activities to increase productivity.

Prepare for uncertainties

True entrepreneurs always have a plan-B, even if any unwanted situation takes place, they know how to overcome it and bounce back. Knowing that not every situation is favourable or not everything will work as they want. Hence, they have an alternative to getting the job done.

The Entrepreneurial Attitude

How do entrepreneurs behave when things go wrong? Or how do the business owners motivate their team and promote changes? They never let emotions affect their decisions. Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs because they have a completely different mindset and attitude. They have the capability to see the circumstances with a fresh pair of eyes. Even if there is a need to take a risk, never be afraid of it. Be prepared and ensure that the business doesn’t have to suffer any change.


If you want to make a change, keep it simple. Even if it is hard to implement and use, do not let this impression go to your employees. Your employees will feel discouraged if they will see you lacking confidence in making the change.

Make crystal clear goals and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Improve and Succeed

Every small or big improvement is a step closer to success. Continuous improvements are necessary as it keeps you changing, innovating and moving in the right direction. Domino’s, the renowned pizza restaurant chain is attracting customers to its establishment since 1960.

What Domino’s has done to achieve success, in every country and region?

They prioritized menu innovation to increase awareness and interest across the globe. This is what you call continuous improvement! These are the conscious efforts to understand the customer and improvise accordingly makes you stand out from the rest.


Understand the training requirements for each of your employee. Training needs differ; you need to make sure that people in your organization are well trained.

Once your employees are well trained, they will take less time in adapting the change and start working effectively. If you are implementing new technology, ensure that your employees have sufficient knowledge about how to use it.

Promote Accountability

Give responsibilities and track the results, it’s a much better way to make changes work.

As an entrepreneur, you must know which employees are having the capability to take additional responsibility. This is where you need to divide the tasks accordingly and keep tracking the job.

About Curium Solutions

Curium Solutions is an award-winning business transformation company. Its mission is to empower people and organisations to achieve their personal and business potential, helping them turn strategic priorities into reality through successful transformation. It does this by:

People first – putting people front and centre because if they change, then organisations change too.

Keep it simple – keeping things simple and jargon-free helps to accelerate the pace of change and ensure that it can be sustained.

Make it real – improving and supporting client capability with our award-winning digital performance solution ensures that the change is realised and sticks.

Two core practices – Change Solutions and People Solutions – combine to drive fast and sustainable change in individuals and teams.

Clients include: Halfords plc, Tesco plc, Sainsburys Argos, DAC Beachcroft LLP, National Express plc, Zurich Insurance, Kingfisher plc, Arriva Rail, Waterlogic plc, O2 and Lidl, alongside organisations in legal services, retail, transport, financial services, and the public sector.

Curium also has a USA based business operating out of Florida and clients include NASA, Pepsi co and various Federal Agencies including FBI and CIA.

For further information, contact us below.

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