"Working with Curium is an experience that has changed my career."


Jo was a senior manager in a local council who ran a team of 40 people. The council needed to save money as part of a multi-million-pound cost challenge and, as a first step, they decided to cut costs from Jo’s department with the help of Curium Solutions.

Jo was fed up: it was peak holiday period, she had a backlog of work and it didn’t seem fair that her team was in the spotlight. Just a week before she’d been comfortably running a large team on her own, but now she had consultants on the way trying to change things.

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Taking control

Soon, though, she found she was more in control of her team and workload than she’d even been. Where there hadn’t been management information or workflow control, she could now quantify every task her team needed to complete. Where she couldn’t separate the superstars in her team from the non-performers, it was now easy to, thanks to a new way of performance management.

Jo really enjoyed the change. In fact, she started to like her job more and more. She felt empowered and led her team with new insight and energy. She dreamt bigger than she’d ever dared – so much so that when the council’s Future Leaders Programme was announced – something she’d never considered applying for before – she decided that, this time, she would go for it. And no one was more surprised than Jo when she was successful.

Now on track for senior leadership and having cut costs in her operational area by £100,000, she became famous in the council and was invited to speak in front of 90 council leaders on how she’d successfully transformed her team.

“Working with Curium felt like I’d won the lottery”, she said.

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“To this day I feel privileged that my team was chosen to work with Curium as this wasn’t just an operational excellence project, this was an experience that has changed my career. I was equipped with an invaluable management tool and method that set me ahead of the wider organisation and the savings we achieved (and continue to achieve) has attracted much attention from senior colleagues.

More than this though, I grew more during this time than I had done in years previously and, thanks to Curium, my confidence and self-belief grew and grew. At the start of the project I was responsible for a centralised business support team. Now, just one year later, I am responsible for the entire business support function for the whole organisation.

When I was chosen to work with Curium, I really did win the lottery!”

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