After a wobbly start…

Curium | 05 Jun 2015 | News | General

It was interesting reading Hamish’s story last week as he embarks on his career with us at Curium and I began to think of the exciting times that lie ahead for him as a young man with the world at his feet.

It took me back many years to my first step on the career ladder which was rather wobbly to say the least.   I had always wanted to travel and work abroad however upon leaving school my parents decided I was too young and insisted I start work straight away so my Saturday job in a hairdressing salon soon became a permanent role.

I was so unhappy, the working conditions were poor, the pay dreadful, the training I received was appalling and there are only so many ways of asking ‘Have you booked your holidays yet?’ or ‘Are you doing anything exciting at the weekend?’     I didn’t stay there long and I left feeling quite disappointed as well as not knowing what to do next.

I decided I’d try anything so I applied for the role of Computer Analyst – I had zero qualifications or experience for this position but I made a phone call and managed to talk my way into an interview, I was truthful and told the MD I had no experience, no qualifications but I was willing to learn, I would work hard and would he please just give me an opportunity; he liked my honesty and I got the job as well as the promise of being put onto a training programme.  Happy days!

This was a great position, I worked for a large group of companies, with a great team and a superb MD who was supportive throughout.  This role began to shape my future.

Many years later and with very few jobs in between, I applied to Curium who was recruiting for an Office/Finance Manager. Sorry to say I didn’t get the position at first and I was truly devastated as this was my dream job, a role I desperately wanted and one I felt suited me perfectly.

Why so disappointed? It was clear at the interview that Curium had a strong culture and this resonated with me as one of my previous roles was working in our family business; our business had been built up over many years with three generations of family values being at the heart of everything we did.   We offered our employees the opportunity to work in a company with a strong ethos where respect was reciprocal, we were truthful, fair and trusting.   In return we had a happy workforce who were more engaged, much more productive and they remained loyal to us for many years.

On my first day at Curium I attended a Team Day and I soon realised that the people sitting around the table all shared the same set of behaviours and that they each fully understood the company’s mission, vision and goals.

It is extremely important to me to work for a company that shares my values and beliefs and I am very happy to say I have found that within Curium.

Welcome Hamish, we will hold your ladder firmly so no wobbly starts for you.

Before you begin scrambling up the ladder of success, make sure that it is leaning against the right building.” ― Stephen Covey

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