Appreciate Your People

Curium | 18 Feb 2014 | News | General

Every company wants to retain their best employees and having a motivated workforce that really understands the importance of recognising its employees is a great starting point.
There are of course fundamentals to think about such as linking recognition to the goals of the business and understanding some of the specific reward mechanisms you can use to acknowledge colleagues, but for me it boils down to one essential thing – it’s about making people feel appreciated.  If you can do this then it will translate in the culture of the business and appreciation becomes engrained in the way we do things. If we all remember the effect our interactions can have on one another the work environment can become a more positive and uplifting place – which is something I’m hugely passionate about especially when we spend so much time at work its important to make sure it’s time we enjoy.

By Lisa Peplow, Senior Consultant

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