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AI and robotics: from science fiction to business fact

By Kathryn Hobbs

28 Feb 2018

If the headlines are to be believed, we’ll all be replaced by robots within a decade. But, just how much of an opportunity or a threat are artificial intelligence and robotics?

In our latest report, ‘AI and robotics: from science fiction to business fact’ we look at current levels of investment in and adoption of new technologies. Which organisations are stealing a march on their competitors?

Separating hype from reality, we investigate how organisations can make the best use of AI and robotics, and think through the consequences for customers and employees.

With sections focusing on people, contact centres, retail and legal services, we take a look at what is happening in specific sectors, and how organisations can help their people adapt and embrace new ways of working.

Disruptor or dinosaur? The choice is yours. To download your copy of our report, visit our website. Then, if you’d like to chat, get in touch.

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