Can we change fast enough?

Curium | 13 Jul 2013 | News | Sustain Change

I read a really interesting article recently about the future of mobile, and the fact that it’s not enough to think in terms of ‘mobile first’ any more: enlightened leaders should be thinking ‘mobile only’.


In other words, we shouldn’t just be thinking about how we can operate better within a mobile framework, we should be considering how mobile can transform the way we do business.


The art of the possible


At the risk of using a management buzz-phrase (which isn’t our style at Curium), it started my mind reeling about ‘the art of the possible’.


Which meant I spent yesterday evening preoccupied with how organisations can get ahead of the competition in a truly innovative, digital way. I’m by no means a physicist or an engineer so I won’t share them with you here, but reading the article in CIO bought home to me how much technology can turn things on their heads.


Can we keep up?


Many organisations feel like they are running to stand still – a situation which is going to become critical, particularly when we consider that:

–       by the end of this year tablets purchases will exceed desktop and laptop purchases

–       by the end of our MTP period nearly half of internet traffic could be on mobile devices, presuming internet traffic continues to grow at the current rate of 13% in the last 18 months.


Speed and agility in the digital arena are going to be critical to survive. How well equipped are you to embrace the opportunities presented by this? Are you confident that you will be running in the right direction, or indeed that you have the right concept or idea in the first place?


The most enlightened companies will see the possibilities now, and will create an agile model to take advantage of them.


Read the article here

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