“Celebrate good times, come on!”

Curium | 08 May 2015 | News | General

Well this is my first blog since joining the Curium team a few weeks ago and in between my reflections on what to say I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating my wedding anniversary, followed swiftly by my birthday and it is soon my wife’s birthday too. As you can tell the beginning of May is a good time in the McCracken household!


None of the events are the ‘famous milestones’ this year. Unfortunately neither of us will be 21 again and we’ve not reached the heady heights of cotton, never mind gold or diamond. However does that mean these ‘smaller milestones’ are less important, shouldn’t be cherished or celebrated with the same level of gusto?


Of course not, so we decided to have a lovely meal on Saturday at a local, well renowned, restaurant and booked ourselves a lovely trip to Sorrento for June. So with a lovely meal to remember, a great holiday to look forward to and a happy wife I’ve sat down to write this blog.


So, what similarities do the recent events have with my work? Then it struck me, what makes a project so successful? Motivated people.


If you are lucky enough to have met the love of your life would you dream of only celebrating the ‘famous milestones’? I hope not, as they might not be there when the next one comes around! Your project team is no different, only they may not be able to leave you and begrudging compliance can stifle your projects chances of success.


Everyone loves the lure of the ‘famous milestones’ like silver, gold, diamond or in the project world the implementation day. However don’t forget the ‘smaller milestones’ like paper, silk, lace or in our world concluding analysis and design, development or testing. If you do you may find your project team is with you in body but not in spirit.


So the next time you celebrate a milestone in your personal life and you’ve got a critical project to deliver think of your project team…have you thanked them and celebrated their contribution to your success recently? You never know when you’ll need them to pull it out of the bag for you…

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