Curium Solutions seals exclusive deal with TetraMap International

Curium | 17 Mar 2017 | News | General News

Curium Solutions has agreed a strategic partnership with TetraMap International, with the change consultancy becoming TetraMap’s exclusive distributor in the US.

The partnership brings together TetraMap’s expertise in communication and collaboration with Curium’s focus on providing simple and sustainable solutions for today’s businesses. It builds on an existing relationship in the UK, where Curium has been a TetraMap strategic partner for eight years.

This deal is the first major development since Curium opened a first US office following its merger with Florida-based performance improvement and leadership development firm DME Consulting earlier this month. DME Consulting founder Daniel Entwistle leads Curium’s US operations.

James Farrow, Curium founding director and TetraMap Master Facilitator, said: “At Curium we are big believers in the power of simple and sustainable change. We use TetraMap in everything we do: from helping clients develop their leadership skills and make a positive impact on those around them, to running our business and engaging our team. We have seen and experienced the positive difference it makes.”

“We are hugely excited about the opportunity to expand into the US. Change is a constant feature for businesses and, together, Curium and TetraMap can help individuals, teams and organisations to make change happen simply, quickly and in a way that sticks.”

Created in New Zealand by Yoshimi and Jon Brett, TetraMap is a collaboration tool designed to reduce conflict and increase team cohesion. TetraMap uses nature as a metaphor to help participants to understand their own preferences and perspectives, and why others might have a different view.

The process is an active learning experience, not a lecture, which provides deep and meaningful insights for individuals, teams and organisations, and enables them to change their behaviours and transform their performance. TetraMap International distributes training resources and offers facilitations certification programmes globally.

Yoshimi and Jon Brett said: “When we met James and Dan in Orlando, it was love and respect at first sight. Curium’s passion and their record for supporting people and organisations through change is impressive. They engage clients with relevance and, most importantly, ensure radical and transformational results. Timing is perfect for TetraMap US.”

Initially, Curium will focus on the Florida market, before expanding its offer throughout the US. It is hosting a series of events to launch TetraMap to local businesses, introducing it as a simple, effective and powerful collaboration tool.


About Curium Solutions:

Curium simplifies change and empowers individuals and organisations to achieve their personal and business potential. It delivers its solutions through two consultancy practices: Capability and Delivery.

The Capability practice develops people capability to support culture change and accelerated results for leader and team performance.

Delivery focuses on helping organisations to deliver key business projects and programmes, such as digital transformation, organisational design, and front and back office operational improvement.

Curium helps organisations facing change including:

  • Poor business performance – increase productivity and innovation, enhance employee engagement, improve customer service, introduce more efficient processes and reduce cost
  • High growth – develop skills, leadership and infrastructure to support and sustain rapid growth
  • Merger or acquisition – cultural and operational change to support the new organisation
  • Regulatory change – manage reactive change imposed by a regulator

In a sector heavy with jargon and complexity, Curium simplifies change, taking best practice processes, tools, models and frameworks and boiling them down to their essential and most useful elements.

Curium works with individuals, empowering them to make change sustainable long after the team has left. Every member of the Curium team has experienced change from the client side and understands the emotional journeys individuals experience when leading or adapting to change.


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