Curium US expands in Washington DC

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Curium US expands in Washington DC

Performance consultancy Curium Solutions has expanded its North American operation with the addition of Washington DC-based consultant NneNna Carr.

Dan Entwistle, Curium US’s president, said: “We have established our credentials in Washington, with leadership programmes for attendees from L’Oreal, the US Department of Defense, the World Bank and NASA. Recognising the opportunities to help federal government and corporates in DC, we have added NneNna to the Curium team.

“NneNna has an impressive track record, particularly in helping people to develop their skills and confidence. Having Curium permanently represented in Washington will enable us to respond to customer demand for our unique mix of leadership, performance and capability development, and prepare us for further growth.”

NneNna Carr spent eight years in the US Air Force, most recently as a programme manager and lead instructor for behavioural tool TetraMap® at the US Department of Defense. Her experience includes leadership, effective communications, conflict resolution, equality, diversity and inclusion, and impactful relationships.

NneNna Carr added: “I am excited to be part of the Curium team. Like me, Curium focuses on empowering potential and helping people to develop their skills and capability. I cannot wait to dive in and make a real difference for our clients.”

Last year, Curium boosted its Florida capability with the appointment of leadership, change and performance specialist Suzan Hochstetler. With more than 25 years of experience working with The Walt Disney Company, Hard Rock Café and Tupperware Brands, Suzan specialises in leadership and talent development, executive coaching, business training strategies and culture change.

Curium US launched in Florida in 2017 and has since built a client base across North America, with key clients in Florida, Washington DC, Chicago and New York. In Toronto, Canada, the company has a government contract partnering with human resources tech firm WorkTango to deliver a cultural change programme with a strong emphasis on employee engagement.

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