Dialling-up ‘Water’: Day-to-day use of TetraMap preferences

Curium | 08 Feb 2019 | News | General News

Principal Consultant Mark Turner shares his conversation with a customer about using her newly acquired TetraMap®-inspired understanding of herself and others.

Carolyn is an Executive PA at an international law firm and has been helping us to book meeting rooms and coordinate invites in support of a transforming operations project.

While making arrangements for the final handover meeting with the key stakeholders in a couple of weeks’ time she remarked, “I’ve got something to show you.” She duly showed me her security pass, to which she had attached the TetraMap Fire image.

“You’ve been ‘Tetramapped’,” says I.

“Yes, it was fantastic; a brilliant session. I am going to suggest that everyone in the firm has their top preference visible on their security pass. It would make it even easier to interact with each other, knowing our primary preferences.”

“Isn’t it interesting that someone with a high Fire preference would come up that idea?” I said, a little rhetorically.

“Oh my God, yes,” she said. “I don’t suppose people with a high Water preference would feel the same way.”

“They might do,” I said. “Depending on…”

“If other high Water preferences were with them,” she filled in my pause.

She was in really good spirits and continued to make notes of what I was asking for and the ideal dates. Then, she returned to the TetraMap topic.

“It’s interesting with the Water preference,” she said, “because that is my lowest preference and I would hate people to see me as being horrible or unapproachable.”

“Very interesting,” I agreed. “Out of interest, how warm and friendly are you being with me right now?”

“Oh my God, I’m dialling up aren’t I!”

TetraMap is a learning model which accelerates an understanding of self and others. At the heart of TetraMap is this belief: strength lies in valuing differences. The Elements TetraMap uses are rooted in nature and are: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Every Element has a part to play and every individual has all four Elements.

A team’s strength lies in valuing differences. TetraMap simplifies the complexity of how people work together. It enables teams to foster and leverage natural diversity and creatively solve organisational challenges together.

Helping people to understand one another and why we are all different provides a chance to explore commonalities, preferences and build positive working environments.

The TetraMap learning model overcomes internal silos to improve team unity and collaboration, enhancing productivity, customer service and sales.

TetraMap preferences provided the basis for our latest report: Empowering inclusive leaders for a diverse world. Take a look and see how knowing more about your own preferences and those of others can help you to create a more inclusive workplace.

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