Disruption: A Story of Opportunity in 2022 and Beyond

curiumadmin | 06 Apr 2022 | News | Change, Lead Change
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Grasping the new business opportunities in a post-Covid world


We know that the pandemic has been a catalyst for change. The world has changed so much, that businesses need to rewrite their story for 2022 and beyond.Whilst this creates a lot of uncertainty, it also creates opportunities for businesses that get it right in the future. The report stories and feedback from our partners illustrate the resilience, strength, and adaptability that different kinds of organisations have shown.


The report is divided in 3 parts: 

  • A changing relationship to working life 
  • Redefining leadership roles 
  • Dealing with uncertainty


Click the download button to read about the changing capabilities that organisations will need to foster and cultivate in order to grasp the possibilities of a new world of work  

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