Creating Inclusive Leaders: Growth through People 2019

Curium | 23 Jan 2019 | Events
Event Details
Curium Solutions, Edmund Gardens, 121 Edmund Street, Birmingham, B3 2HJ
2019-01-23 - 14/03/2019
2 hours

Hosted by Anne Clews, Head of Performance Learning, Anne will share key findings from our latest Inclusive Leadership study, which more than 700 employees took part in. We will then explore how the notion of a leader is changing and consider inclusive leaders and the benefits they bring.

Anne will also be joined by Curium team members and leaders from across region to host roundtable discussions on the challenges of modern leadership. The session should act as an open forum where attendees can openly discuss their topic with their table.

Guest facilitators include:


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Once again we’ll be sponsoring The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, Growth through People month. We’ll be supporting ‘Growth through Unlocking Potential’ week, 11th – 15th March 2019.

During our week, we’ll be exploring the theme of inclusive leadership and what it takes to be a truly inclusive leader in today’s climate.

For many organisations, progress towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace has focused on characteristics like race, gender and disability. Does this go far enough?

Join us for an interactive and informative learning session, as we discuss what it means to be a truly diverse and inclusive leader in today’s workplace.

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