I’ll show you my scars…

Curium | 25 Jul 2013 | News | Lead Change

Picture the scene.  It is 2008 and I’ve just given up a secure job in a safe insurance company to start up a new business with 2 former mates from years gone by. No income on the horizon. In the first week of trading, or trying to trade, Lehman Brothers goes bust, and the world caves in.


The subject of conversation around our dinner table that night revolved around, “what have you done you …!”


Move forward to 2013 and our business, Curium Solutions is flourishing. We’ve thrived in adversity: doors have opened that would have been closed in the good times.


No fluff, no jargon; just honest experience


Today, corporate plcs wants battle hardened, experienced consultancy support, delivered by people with passion and plenty of scars on their backs.


Add to the mix the importance of saying it as it is with no fluff. Today’s leaders don’t want to be “stakeholder managed” or to have the message watered down for fear of a backlash. They want clear and honest assessmentsideas around what needs to be done and the belief that the required actions will be delivered.


It is a privilege to work across so many different businesses, meeting fantastic people wherever we go. You make your own luck, and 5 years on, we are looking forward to the next 5 years. We commit to every customer that we will help them to understand the benefits of changes that they are going through. We’ll clearly set expectations around what can be achieved.


A personal journey


Back to 2008 and the dinner table conversation. We understood the personal and professional benefits of the moving to Curium. We knew it would be bumpy along the way, but we were confident that over time we’d get there: our expectations were set.


I’m pleased to say that our expectations have been realised. I see more of my children that I would ever have done in corporate plc, I have more freedom to act, I work harder than ever and I love every minute.


These are my benefits of change.     

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