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Curium | 31 Oct 2014 | News | General

I work in a great team and they like to keep up to date with what’s happening in my life. I have been single for a while now, but with Christmas coming up there is always the question… Are you bringing anyone to the Christmas party??? This time I am quite hopeful that I will be!


I have been seeing someone now for nearly 8 weeks. It’s at that early stage where every time we meet, we show up as the best we can be; best clothes on, best perfume, complement each other, be attentive and put them first. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few blips but that was because we knew very little about each other… I booked a film and that turned out to not really be his bag, he cooked me a chilli… I’m not a fan!


I’m pleased to say that we have relaxed into it a bit more and it’s even better… and I’m enjoying it!


On my way home from work, I pondered what this might be like in 3 months’ time, might things have changed again? What might be different?  What about 12 months or 12 years? – might we have started to take things/ each other for granted? Make assumptions? So how do you keep it fresh?…


Being someone who is passionate about Customer Experience it occurred to me recently that many organisations are faced with the same challenge. There is love for their customers and they strive to deliver for them, but there is often inconsistency in how this plays out across the various parts of the business.


The relationship with the customer is often at different stages and is driven, in the main, by the culture in that area.  Some areas feel fresh and people seem to show up to be the best they can be, whereas other areas may be still committed but are starting to make assumptions and take the relationship for granted, expecting the customer to fit around them rather than a mutually beneficial relationship.


So the challenge for organisations today is how to keep relationships with their customers feeling fresh?


In my mind I have no doubt that the experiences we create for our colleagues at work, drive the experiences they give to your customers, so for me the answer lies in consciously creating new experiences for your colleagues so that they can do the same for your customers.

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