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Curium | 16 Jan 2015 | News | General


I went to the funeral this week of a former employer who had died peacefully in his sleep on Christmas Eve at the age of 96.

This was the funeral of a most remarkable man and someone I had the utmost respect for.

His funeral address and eulogy was told to a packed audience and lasted for 25 minutes, we were told the story of his life and everyone was captivated by the things he had achieved in his long and interesting lifetime.  The number of people who crowded into a very large church demonstrated his popularity and I felt privileged to have worked for him, and for me and my husband to have been friends with him and his wife (also 96) for more than 30 years.

As a former Major in the British Army, you can imagine he ran his business like a military operation.  What I enjoyed about working for him was he had extremely high moral standards, he had firm principles and beliefs. He suffered no fool.

As the business expanded into a very large and successful company he continued to treat people with fairness and kindness until he retired at the age of 76 and in return his generosity was never taken for granted.

When I went to visit him not long before he passed away, I told him about my role here at Curium and how much enjoyment I get from it. I told him about the people at Curium, our super offices, the location right in the heart of the City Centre and how exciting it is to see the business grow at a strong and steady pace which is due to sound management and a strong team. I told him that Curium has virtually the same values as held by him and that this was what attracted me to the company in the first place.   He was really pleased to hear this and was very impressed that the ‘young chaps’ I work for were men of integrity.

Here at Curium our values are:

We value People

We value Personal Growth

We value Enjoyment

We value Integrity with Credibility


It’s good to see some things don’t change.


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