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 What causes failure in operations?



There are various factors that may be contributing to operational deficiencies. In many cases, teams are ‘trapped’ in a cycle of failures that quite often need some intervention to correct the course.


Whilst it is natural to assume that this is driven by not having enough people in the team (supply) to meet the demand being received, there is often a range of influencing factors contributing towards the organisational and operational pain being experienced.


  • Do your people have the right skills to deal with the demand?

  • Are your people in the right place at the right time to service the demand received?

  • How accurate and useful is your demand forecasting in enabling you to schedule your people appropriately?

  • Have the processes and procedures your people use kept pace with evolving customer expectations?

  • Do your people have easy, real-time visibility of demand changes, to enable them to react positively to these events and also understand what may be causing these spikes?

The root cause is typically linked to something which affects your people. 


There are, of course, amazing technological solutions being launched and developed every day – but all of these need to be aligned with your people, in order for them to consistently and brilliantly serve your customers.