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“Curium has empowered change across our team. The team now has a revived passion for our business, with morning meetings, better communication, tools and knowledge, and the desire to succeed.”


June Bougerie, Swindon Borough Council

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What our customers say



Mike Thompson from Swindon Borough Council:

“Four years on and we are still applying the Operational Excellence tools and techniques worked through with Curium Solutions. 💯

Putting people first really helped embed the mindset and the motivation to embrace this new way of working. We gained a consistent approach and we definitely gained control of our work position across a range of teams geographically spread.

And it wasn’t a ‘hit and run’, as I still have regular catch-ups with Mark Turner. Thanks Curium.”


Damian Kirk from our time together at E.ON UK:

“Spot on comments throughout. Gaining control is critical, In all new roles I always say I need to put my ‘foot on the ball’ to just pause and see what’s going on, and not join the circle of fun that is mostly always going on.

So fully agree with all you’ve said here and love the people first transformations, spot on.

p.s. Knowing Curium and all the peeps in this video, I can hand on heart say you are all ‘people people’ with a fabulous passion to help.” 💌


Martin Taphouse from Zurich Insurance:

“Yes, putting people first and gaining control is what it’s about for us.

Made me reflect how much you’ve done for us over the years – thanks vm team 😄👍”


Darren Cornish, about our time with E.ON UK:

“The work Curium did across my service operation was the most complete suite of improvement I have seen.

Helped us shape a service delivery capability that was both disciplined but also adaptive and resilient to the unplanned impacts that always come over the horizon.

The step change in service technical leadership skilling and the confidence that gave the managers plus the broader behavioural changes all created a culture that was dynamic but considered, was fast paced but remarkably calm.

Financial, commercial benefits, better servicing, lower attrition and higher engagement and so many individual people great stories. I look back on it with real pride. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼