Empowering leadership potential at DAC Beachcroft

The Challenge

DAC Beachcroft LLP is an international law firm offering commercial, transactional, claims, risk, and advisory legal services, alongside market-leading sector knowledge in insurance, healthcare, and real estate.  Claims Solutions Group (CSG) forms part of the DAC Beachcroft Group and advises insurers and corporate clients in their defence of legal claims of all values, types, and complexity.

The legal market is experiencing significant challenges and change to the traditional way of operating. DACB’s Claims Solutions Group (CSG) is constantly looking for new and innovative ways of improving the client experience through more efficient and effective handling of claims by its lawyers.

CSG recognised that in order to maintain their competitive advantage they needed to continuously invest in the capabilities of their people. They chose to take a different and holistic approach ensuring that their colleagues had learning activities covering a whole range of skills, experiences, and responsibilities. With Curium’s support they embarked on a journey to enhance their leadership capability with a focus on sustaining change and empowering the potential of their people.

The Results

Over a two-year period, Curium supported the personal and professional development of over 100 CSG leaders.

Some key figures from the feedback surveys show the following:

  • 100% of participants said that they will be able to apply the knowledge and skills they learned from the programme in their roles.
  • 93% of participants rated the program either “Good” or “Excellent”.
  • 93% of participants would recommend this leadership programme to a colleague.

The programme delivered a step change in leaders’ capabilities, especially at times when they have been going through some major changes and industry-wide challenges. The participants felt they were able to take on more leadership responsibilities with confidence utilising the skills they had developed. In particular, reinforcing the programme with one-to-one coaching sessions helped participants to apply the learning in their own world to overcome any challenges they were facing in their new roles and cope with any uncertainty.

By investing in its people CSG have ensured that their leaders have the skills and capability to support the development and growth of the business and its clients.

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Our Solution

In partnership with CSG, Curium designed a bespoke leadership programme with the goal that after the six months CSG leaders would inspire and motivate themselves and others to achieve personal, team and business goals.

The leadership programme consisted of six workshops (Voyage Journeys), supported by one-to-one coaching sessions to embed the learning.

At the start of the programme all leaders completed a behavioural referencing assessment which helped them understand themselves and their teams better. The impact of better understanding their own and others’ communication styles has led to benefits such as: leaders being able to utilise their teams’ strengths better, being able to communicate more effectively, respecting each other’s differences and less conflict in between individuals.

Having inspirational and resilient leaders, who have the skills and confidence to help colleagues and clients succeed, is critical to the future success of CSG.

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Applying Learning During the Global Pandemic

Participants mentioned that the tools and techniques have been especially useful to them when helping their team members cope with the impacts of COVID. Things like understanding individual preferences have helped leaders to provide the right level of support to their team members. Furthermore, the resilience training the leaders received has enabled them to upskill their teams on using tools and techniques to support them through challenging times.

“The Leadership Voyage programme has helped our leaders better understand themselves, has provided them with models, shared experiences, new ideas and strong insight around how they can more effectively lead and support their teams through a constantly evolving environment of change.”

Senior HR Business Partner, DAC Beachcroft

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