Curium Solutions – Simplified Change Management, Birmingham, West Midlands

Anne Clews

Anne Clews

Head of Performance Learning

What is your role at Curium?

I lead our Performance Learning division – one of Curium’s two core practices, along with Change Delivery. Combining performance learning with change delivery ensures that any intervention accelerates capability and then integrates practical mechanisms to ensure the impact is embedded and sustained.

We help empower people to develop their leadership skills, improve team performance, support culture change and provide one-to-one coaching.

How do you help people and organisations to change?

In my experience change starts with understanding self and having personal awareness. People respond in different ways to change. For some it is exciting, while for others it can be overwhelming. Taking steps to build personal resilience so they can feel in control is key to helping individuals embrace change.

Organisations need to develop a culture of change, which includes building safety for employees by communicating the goal, vision and expected values and behaviours aligned to the vision. People interpret values from their own perspective, so make sure they are well defined and, if you want people to share the same values, they need to see you lead by example.

What is the secret of being a good leader?

I think that the idea of a leader is changing from the traditional ‘command and control’ approach to one in which valuing each person’s contribution and potential is paramount. Building trust and supportive relationships is at the heart of great leadership.

For me, other key qualities include the ability to value each person’s uniqueness and invest time in their personal development, being present, visible and having the courage to make difficult decisions.

Share some of your career highlights.

Prior to joining Curium, I took the opportunity to bring the learning and behavioural model TetraMap to the UK, where it was largely unknown and develop it as a recognised brand in the UK and Europe. I’ve seen the impact that TetraMap can have to help individuals understand themselves better and therefore enjoy more productive relationships with their colleagues.

I love working with my customers – like-minded people who have a passion for people development, and empowering potential. Knowing that I help people to become a better version of themselves gives me a huge buzz and I am looking forward to doing more of this as part of the Curium team.

Why did you join Curium?

I was looking for a partnership to help me to expand my business and Curium is the perfect fit. We have worked together for many years and I feel totally aligned with the culture, values and ways of working. Curium has always been a keen advocate of TetraMap and it has an innovative spirit that has seen it develop its digital platform; something I am keen to help develop.

How does TetraMap help individuals and teams to perform better?

TetraMap is centred around one core belief: strength lies in valuing differencesThe process starts with understanding self. Then, by using a simple framework, TetraMap enables you to see the world from multiple perspectives. Once mastered, TetraMap makes it easy to accelerate positive change, improve communication and reduce team conflict.