Curium Solutions – Simplified Change Management, Birmingham, West Midlands

Jo Rix

Senior Consultant

What you do at Curium?

I sit in the Learning Team within the Curium Business. My final responsibilities are still to be shaped but I will be designing, delivering and leading capability workshops for both our Clients and our internal teams.

My background is predominantly sales and sales capability development, so this is a really exciting new challenge for me.

What you enjoy about working at Curium?

So far it’s the people. Everyone I meet has a shared collaborative mentality and genuinely want to see everyone from the client to the team succeed. The company values really stand out too. For me it’s really important that every individual gets to do what they do best every day and Curium seems to embrace that. And finally, I love that the team are all about sustainable change, rather than quick fixes!

What are you passionate about outside of work?

My two passions are my family and sport. I have two kids (aged 10&7) and being a Mum to them always comes first. They keep me pretty busy with Rugby, Ballet, Cubs, Kickboxing and the usual challenges being a working Mum brings (I find prosecco usually does the trick).

The rest of my time is taken up with the gym, where I do a lot of weight training, I’m currently chasing my 100kg squat and Deadlift. I also run my own outdoor Bootcamps, where I put a group of ladies through their paces every week in the sun, rain or snow.

What has made you proud in the last year?

Apart from my family, I’m really proud of my personal development. Over the last 12 months I have taken on new roles that weren’t my area of expertise so that I could develop a new skill or become a more rounded individual. At times some of that development has felt really uncomfortable and made me question my own judgement, but once “out the other side” I have always become a better version of Jo.