Take absolute and total control

Curium | 29 Aug 2014 | News | Sustain Change

You can control 4 things in this world, nothing more and nothing less.


If this is a new realisation for you then quite possibly this blog could have a big impact on your life.


You can study psychology, neuro linguistic programming, time-line therapy, the list goes on but the realisation is the same. You can control only these 4 things and with that realisation comes the solution to your problems.


Your angst will reduce. Your goals will become eminently more achievable.


Please do not let the simplicity and obvious nature of the ‘big reveal’ fool you. Your rational brain will be saying ‘well of course that’s obvious’. But the real question is how do you use this power?


The big reveal:


You control what you think

You control what you feel

You control what you do

You control what you say


Wow! So why is that such massive news with such significant consequences?


We spend so much time worrying about what other people are doing or not doing; we spend so much time choosing the least useful emotions imaginable such as frustration, anger, disappointment, angst or hurt. We look at that crazy driver, the rubbish weather, the rude waiter, the sarcastic colleague and we turn it into our worst emotions. It’s crazy when you look at it like that.


Well what if you could change all of this in a heartbeat? What if you could choose to feel resourceful, energised and inspired anywhere and anytime.


Here’s the good news: you can.


Here is the catch:

With every superpower comes a period of learning to use it – you’ve seen Spiderman smash into the first wall; you’ve seen Superman crash back down the first time he tried to fly…but then they ‘get it’ and it’s pretty cool.


The thing is, the superpower you possess is absolutely real. There are no special effects needed. But you need to learn how to harness this power. How to take responsibility for every thought, feeling and action. You have the cure to Excusitis (it is a real disease affecting millions of people!).


So the real question is, if someone offered you the superpower to take absolute control of how you think and how you feel…what would you say? What would you do?




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