TetraMap podcast: In your element

Curium | 21 Feb 2019 | News | General News

In this podcast – In Your Element – from TetraMap International, Curium Solutions’ Head of Performance Solutions and TetraMap® expert Anne Clews talks to Louise Duncan.

Anne shares her thoughts on integrating TetraMap’s Four Elements of Nature into her work and life, and explains how doing so has changed her worldview. She gives tips and insights into developing great teams and how understanding the importance of being quiet can add significant value.

TetraMap is a learning model which accelerates an understanding of self and others. A brain and budget-friendly tool, TetraMap empowers you to deliver mindset-shifting workshops that deliver lasting behaviour change.

At the heart of TetraMap is this belief: strength lies in valuing differences. The Elements TetraMap uses are rooted in nature and are: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Every Element has a part to play and every individual has all four Elements.

TetraMap preferences provided the basis for our latest report: Empowering inclusive leaders for a diverse world. Take a look and see how knowing more about your own preferences and those of others can help you to create a more inclusive workplace.

Why are you like that? TetraMap Facilitator Certification

Curium Solutions runs TetraMap Facilitator Certification courses throughout the year. At the end of the two-day course, you will be an accredited TetraMap facilitator, with the tools and techniques to deliver the ‘Why are you like that?’ workshop in your own organisation or to clients.

This workshop has been delivered thousands of times by global organisations across different sectors because it’s simple, memorable and really delivers results. Our next TetraMap Facilitator Certification course is in July. Find out more on our TetraMap website, where you can also buy everything you need to run a TetraMap workshop.

What TetraMap facilitators say about the course

“To date I’ve facilitated 24 TetraMap sessions since being accredited, each session bringing different learning and understanding. I’ve witnessed some momentous ‘lightbulb’ moments for some people, which makes my day. The biggest win for me with TetraMap is that it’s just so applicable in the workplace. Delegates remember it, and are still having discussion about it six months down the line.”

Ally Wightman, Senior Leadership Development Consultant, Telefonica UK

In Your Element

In your Element from TetraMap International helps you to find simple, wise and heartfelt solutions to the complexities of life today. A world where people own the belief that strength lies in valuing differences. We teach and learn from nature’s wisdom to solve everyday challenges. You will hear from people who’ve made the choice, made the change and learn how you can too.

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