The art (not science) of investment decisions

Curium | 13 Jun 2014 | News | Manage Payback

Payback does not have to be tangible but it does need to have perceived value.


Too many organisations get tied up in knots trying to convert every project into a tangible benefit with clear ROI and a payback period of ‘x’ months.


Think of Payback as anything you value enough to invest your cash in.


Last month I asked a sports physio whether she would value feedback. After the explanation of my experience she promptly reduced my bill by 30% despite me insisting I was not looking for discount. Feedback has perceived value, and people pay for it.
I am actually sat in the departure lounge at an airport writing this blog and I’ve just skipped a queue of 500 people at security for a £3 Fast Track fee. For me, saving an hour in a queue has perceived value (it also allowed me to write this blog while trying to avoid the chap selling me the chance to win a sports car for £20).


My point is this. In life we instinctively make decisions based on things that we value. How much change and learning would we honestly get if we tried to put a tangible benefit around every investment decision we made? I’d still be in a queue for one thing! What queue is your organisation in?

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