Transformation failure: survey reveals that organisations are not equipped to change

Curium | 03 Aug 2017 | News | General News

A survey by award-winning change consultancy Curium Solutions has shown that organisations lack the change capability needed to deliver successful business transformation.

Andy Dawson, Founding Director, says: “Research by McKinsey and others suggests a high failure rate for change projects – up to 70%. In today’s world, organisations stand or fall by their ability to change. Our survey results reveal that few organisations have the impetus or skills to do so.”

Curium’s survey of 100 c-suite and senior professionals involved in change identified their organisation’s strategic priorities and its ability to achieve the business transformation needed to deliver them. The survey discovered that:

  • Just 50% have effective, timely and appropriate structures in place
  • Less than one-third of respondents think that their organisation has an effective change management team
  • Two-thirds doubt their organisation’s ability to communicate change effectively
  • Less than half understand the role of the project manager

“To deliver successful and lasting business transformation, organisations need to be ‘change ready’. From the CEO to the shop floor, everyone involved needs to understand the reason to change and the benefits to them of behaving differently. This isn’t easy and is often overlooked.”

“Most organisations have a dedicated change capability, including project managers and change managers. The more enlightened know they need to develop the skills of everyone in the organisation such that they can deliver change while sustaining customer service and operational focus,” comments James Farrow, Founding Director.

For more results, download the full report. Curium helps organisations to make their strategies a reality; to avoid the pitfalls often encountered, and transform their businesses through cultural, operational and individual change.

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