An interview with Robert Elliot part 2

Curium | 23 Apr 2021 | Videos

You may remember Robert Elliot, from our previous video interview we did back in October, during #WorldMentalHealthDay. Robert shared his experiences on how the pandemic and losing his job affected his own mental health and wellbeing at the time. In October Robert shared his tips and his RISE strategy for carving out his new career. He had a clear aim: to write a new story for himself in 2021, one that was very different to 2020.

Fast forward to 6 months later …we revisit Robert during #StressAwarenessMonth to hear the turnaround story. 2021 has panned out to be very different 2020 and much of this is credited to RISE, along with the support of family and friends.

Curium’s Senior Consultant, Lisa Powney interviews Robert Elliot. In this conversation, you can expect:

• Be inspired again by Robert’s RISE strategy and learn how ‘getting really clear’ on what he wanted was the single most important step to realising it.

• Hear Robert talking about what he learnt about stress during this time, he shares some great insights on how to deal with high stress.

• Robert is a huge believer in giving hope to all and shares his top tips for people still looking for work.

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