What would Rod say?

Curium | 08 Apr 2013 | News | Lead Change

“Wake up Maggie I think I’ve got something to say to you…”


Wow, can you believe the reaction that we’ve seen to the passing of arguably the most controversial PM in living history?  No? Neither can I.  For one, I didn’t quite realise how controversial she still was.


But this has certainly made me stop and think about leadership.


When we work with leaders across industry, many people talk about legacy: what will you be remembered, praised or vilified for?  Will your decisions stand the test of time?


In reality, leadership is not about tomorrow, it’s about today, this minute. To be a great leader you have to be prepared to lead in the moment, not to sit down 24 hours later saying, “when they looked at me for guidance… I should have said this… or done that”.


What kind of Leader are you?


Leadership sometimes dictates the need to make tough decisions. Your decisions and views must be guided by your values. If they resonate, others will follow. Have conviction that your instincts are right, based on these values.  And if you are wrong, or unpopular, have faith that you have done your best. And know that leaders aren’t supposed to be popular; they are supposed to lead.


Whatever your view on Maggie, it was quite a remarkable achievement for one individual to have such an impact on society.  And what a notable compliment to an extraordinary public figure: there is no fence-sitting here; the conviction politician has brought out the conviction in all of us. Quite a legacy.




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