When the Universe conspires for you… will you respond?

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When that time arrives again for me to do my blog, I must admit I like to write about something current and business related.

However, I thought I’d adopt a slightly different approach this time around and share an experience that’s really had a positive impact on my life…

The year is 2005 and I’m stood in a long line making reservations for a restaurant at a hotel in the Caribbean… in fact the line is so long that people have brought books along to read whilst they wait!

Conversation sparks up between an American guy and myself… “What book have you got there I ask?” He responds with “The Alchemist… have you have ever read it?” I respond with “no… what ‘s it about?”

“Here you go you can have it, I’ve read it many times before… find out for yourself… I think you’ll like it!”

And from there forth, a friendship is born and also an educational experience which has stayed with me ever since.

One of the key themes contained within The Alchemist (-Paulo Coelho), is about how the world conspires to help you find your destiny… achieve your dreams

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you”

You have to be aware, listen and look out for the signs the Universe is posting to you so that you can act upon them.

Was it coincidence that day I met this guy in the queue… or was it the first time I noticed the Universe conspiring to help me?

Ever since reading the book, I have used it’s philosophy to help me through a variety of circumstances, including life changing decisions, each one seeming to get me closer to realising some of my lifetime goals.

A few of the key lessons I’ve learnt are:

Choice or Chance
I used to live by a motto of “choice or chance” don’t leave things to chance, make the choice to take control….
However, I’ve learnt sometimes you have to make the choice to take a chance…. step out of your comfort zone and embrace change.

How much are you willing to put on the line to achieve your goals? Are you ready to take the necessary risks required to get there?

Limiting Beliefs
That day ten years ago I decided to always challenge any of my limiting beliefs …and it’s had a positive impact on me ever since. What could you achieve if you let go of your limiting beliefs?

What’s your personal legend?
It’s okay to have a dream… and follow it! What is your ultimate goal in life? People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams because they feel that they don’t deserve them, or that they’ll be unable to achieve them…they let fear of failure win.

We only have one life and one chance at living it. If you’re going to believe in anything in this lifetime, believe in yourself!

Look out for the signs of the Universe conspiring to help you
You need to be alert, aware and active… what is it you want to achieve in life and look out for the signs from the Universe conspiring to help you – what path are you on and why? Is that path leading to you fulfilling your ultimate goals in life?

Some will read this blog and that will be as far as they take it and that’s fine, that’s your chosen path… my more curious connections may see this as a sign from the Universe to them and start to create a new path towards their destiny just like I did… yahoo questions .

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