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Do you prefer directions or a map?

By James Farrow

10 Feb 2018

Following directions or guiding your way with a map. What about when it comes to navigating your way through human interaction? Curium’s Founding Director, James Farrow, reflects on the value of TetraMap.

If it’s a simple, predictable journey, then by all means give me directions. For any journey really worth its salt, give me a map and let me find my way.

This is true of any worthwhile journey, isn’t it? I don’t want someone’s directions if I am exploring the Garden Route of South Africa, though plenty of people will want to give me their version of the experience I am sure…and advice is welcome as long as I have the freedom to go my own way.

I would prefer you to give me a map that allows me to explore and choose multiple routes to get where I am going.

Come to think of it, even directions from London to Manchester are not as useful as a map. What if the M1 is closed, or roadworks pop up on the M6 (again!?) Sat navs are useful, not because they have one route but precisely because they offer a multitude of possible ways to get to your destination.

And what about navigating the most complex environment of all? The one we would all love to master; the one we have taken a million routes already and still know we could have found a better way most of the time.

This environment is human interactions: building better relationships, managing moments of conflict, motivating the troops, mobilising teams, giving feedback, enabling others to act, delivering results through others, having tough conversations…

There is no single route; it’s not possible to write down directions to these destinations. This is where a map is worth its weight in Bitcoins.

What map do you use?

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